HOMELESS HOUNDS - A "Different" Kind of Rescue

Homeless Hounds is a non-profit organization created through Puppy Palace Dog Daycare & Boarding Center and is a "Different" kind of dog rescue.

Homeless Hounds was created to help families in this hard economy that are losing their homes or going through difficult times. Often, when put into this situation, individuals or families are forced to relinquish their dogs to a shelter. The dog will then be rehomed with a new family or, if the dog is old or ill, possibly even euthanized. Homeless Hounds provides another option.

Instead of losing their dogs on top of the extreme hardship of losing a home, Homeless Hounds will board a dog free of charge for these families until they are able to relocate and we are able to place these lovable pooches back with the families they treasure.

Of course, offering this amazing service for families and dogs in need comes with a price. Many of these dogs need special care such as hypoallergenic food, constant grooming, medical treatment, and other special treatment. Because of these costs, Homeless Hounds relies on the help of La Crosse and the surrounding communities to keep this program up and running. 

Check out our GoFundMe page here:http://www.gofundme.com/homelesshounds

If you can't donate money - and that's certainly something we can understand - there are other ways you can help! We accept any and all donations including supplies (beds, blankets, crates, food, etc.), recommendations for fundraisers, and volunteer work for our fundraisers (we will be at the Brat Barn at Village Festival Foods August 31, 2013!). Just give us a call at 608-461-1209 if you have any questions!

On behalf of all of the families who are being given an option to keep their beloved pets, Homeless Hounds, and Puppy Palace Daycare, thank you all!!!